Tax Law

Reicker, Pfau, Pyle & McRoy’s tax expertise is a firm foundation for the firm’s prominent transactional practice. We counsel on the full range of international, federal and state tax issues that crop up as commercial and financial transactions as well as small and large real estate transactions are being structured. Our tax attorneys add significant value to these transactions by creating tax-efficient structures and by providing innovative, practical solutions to the tax issues that challenge our clients.

Our tax planning strategies achieve business objectives while using the tax laws to advance the economic efficiency of transactions. Knowing and understanding your business, balance sheet and competitive profile allows us to appropriately balance tax considerations and transaction objectives to achieve the best possible results.

Our existing clients recognize our comprehensive knowledge of tax law and our practical, business-oriented approach to solving their tax issues. We welcome you to use us as special tax counsel to your business on transactions where perhaps another law firm is handling the corporate side. We are sought out not only to address the tax issues on a transaction but often also to create structures designed to solve the tax issues faced by the counterparties – potentially gaining a competitive advantage.

Our tax attorneys are experienced across a broad spectrum of tax law, working on deals throughout the firm’s transactional practice areas and possessing a breadth and depth of experience in the most challenging areas of tax law. This includes corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures, partnerships, LLCs and other joint ventures, private equity and private equity fund formation and transactions, real estate, real estate fund formation and real estate investment trusts, regulated investment companies, financing and capital market transactions and many aspects of international tax law.

We also have significant experience with administrative proceedings before state tax agencies and the IRS, as well as a successful track record in obtaining private letter rulings and prevailing in tax controversies.

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