Employment Services

Advising Businesses in Employment Matters

We provide employment counsel to our business related clients regarding a variety of matters, including advice on employment practices and policies, preparation of employment compensation agreements and contracts, counsel and assistance in employment related decisions involving discipline and termination and the provision of assistance to clients in the conduct of employment related investigations.

Employment Litigation

We represent individuals and businesses in employment related disputes, including wage and hour disputes, disputes regarding commission and bonus compensation, former employee restraining orders, and litigation alleging wrongful termination and/or discrimination. We represent our clients in the court system and before administrative agencies as well as in mediation and arbitration of such disputes.

Pension and Retirement Law – Administrative Law

Our attorneys provide advice to public pension systems regarding pension law and related fiduciary standards as well as advice and counsel pertaining to disability retirement law matters. We also act as counsel to private employers pertaining to employee benefits and pension related matters and representation in related litigation.

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