Santa Barbara Business Attorneys Highlight Two Insurance Firms

As a Santa Barbara business law firm we often help clients navigate through a variety of complex business transactions.

Nearly all businesses at some point in time find themselves in a situation that requires the use of business insurance. It’s important to choose carefully because a reliable business insurance company can make all the difference when the going gets tough.
Business owners often get overwhelmed with the decision making process when selecting a business insurance plan. We understand it can be a challenge for businesses to find a capable insurance agent to address their business insurance needs.

A good agent will understand the insurance market, the coverages available and the coverages a business needs in order to insure against the risks that confront the business.

Since Reicker Pfau is one of the law firms in Santa Barbara dealing with insurance agents on a frequent basis, our business law lawyers are in a unique position to recommend the insurance agents that are the best for businesses with insurance related needs on the Central Coast.

Our expert business litigation lawyer and civil litigation lawyer teams have selected these agents based on the variety of business insurance products they offer, level of customer service they provide, their years of experience and level of customization of insurance products.

Brown & Brown Insurance and Hub International were named this month as top choices for Reicker, Pfau, Pyle and McRoy, LLP. If you are looking for a firm to take care of all your business insurance needs, these two companies come highly recommended from this Santa Barbara law firm.

Brown & Brown Insurance – An insurance company recommended by Santa Barbara business lawyers

Brown & Brown Insurance has almost 80 years of experience providing business insurance solutions to companies in the Santa Barbara area. Although it is based in Santa Barbara, it has partnered with numerous insurance firms throughout the country to help serve businesses nationwide. One of the reasons lawyers in Santa Barbara choose this insurance firm as their agent is because it has a strong reputation in serving businesses in the construction, hospitality, professional services and non-profit sectors. More importantly, it provides excellent services for small businesses and entreprenuers. Finally, it also offer personal insurance and various other insurance services and you can find more information about all their products on their website.

Hub International – Preferred insurance brokers of lawyers in Santa Barbara

Hub International is one of the ten largest insurance brokers in the world and has been in the industry since 1998. This insurance company has a long list of accomplishments and awards that guaranteed its spot on the list of the top Santa Barbara business insurance firms. At Hub International, insurance professionals are divided into different groups to focus on specific industries including aviations, retail, hospitality, law, food and beverage, bio tech and many other niche industries. It is also one of the few insurance firms that offer environmental protection apart from common business insurance products like worker’s compensation, business risk management, commercial auto, professional liability, general liability, etc. Hub International also offers cyber liability for business.
Hub International also offers a long list of personal insurance products that are some of the best in the industry. To get more information on each of its products, visit their website. You can also connect with them via Facebook and Twitter.

Choose your business insurance broker carefully…

As business attorneys in Santa Barbara, we have worked with many businesses in various industries over the years and we have observed that finding good insurance brokers and agents is one of the most challenging tasks for businesses. A business needs to be able to insure itself against many unforeseen events and only an insurance broker that has years of experience handling business insurance needs can ensure you are fully insured as you should be. Reicker, Pfau, Pyle & McRoy LLP has reviewed the services of many insurance firms in Santa Barbara to make your task much easier. We think that these two companies are the best insurance companies for Santa Barbara and Central Coast businesses.

About Reicker, Pfau, Pyle & McRoy:

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